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Moving Tips

Moving Tips and Advice from a Professional Mover in Waikato

Moving house can seem like a daunting task! However with careful planning and advice from an expert mover, it can be a smooth and even enjoyable process. Alpha Movers has compiled a list of packing and moving tips on this page to help you achieve a stress-free move. Remember that we also offer a full packing service if you simply do not have the time to pack yourself. Should you have any further questions or wish to organise a quote for our removal services, simply contact our team in Waikato.
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Moving essentials

The first step to a successful move is to equip yourself with the following packing essentials. Alpha Movers can supply you with many of these items. You will need:
  • Sturdy boxes of various sizes, including book boxes and oversize boxes
  • Plenty of packing tape
  • Bubble-wrap, butchers paper, filling materials (e.g. packing foam or shredded paper)
  • Scissors and a box cutter/utility knife with spare blades
  • Markers and labels

Packing tips from a professional

Pack your possessions with confidence with these handy packing tips from the team at Alpha Movers! We advise making a list of your belongings and labelling all boxes to simplify the unpacking process. Many people find it helpful to number each box so you can check them off as they are moved into your new home.

Valuables and breakables – These should be packed separately in your most sturdy boxes. Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap and fill in all free space in the box with packing foam or shredded paper. Be sure to write on the box which way is up!

Mirrors and paintings – These should be first wrapped in butchers paper followed by bubble-wrap and labelled as fragile. We do not generally recommend putting them in boxes.

Clothing and personal items – Clothes can be packed into suitcases, with accessories and toiletries going into smaller boxes. Remember that these will often be the items you want to use first in your new home, so be sure to label the boxes clearly.
Kitchen appliances and electronic devices – If you still have the original boxes and packaging materials for these items they will offer the best protection. If not, try to find a box that offers the closest fit and fill in any gaps with packing materials. Remove batteries from any electrical items before packing.

Glassware and crockery – Wrap each item individually in bubble-wrap and use lots of padding to fill in the free space in the box. We recommend that hollow items be filled with packing materials to further resist impact.

Books – Because of their considerable weight, it is always best to use specific book boxes to pack up your library. Alpha Movers can supply you with these heavy duty ply boxes for an additional charge.

Explosive materials or chemicals – We highly recommend that you do not attempt to move any hazardous or flammable materials. It is advisable to safely dispose of these items before moving.
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